What You Need To Know About Water & Electricity

water damage restoration near me Arlington HeightsWhen it comes to dangerous combinations, water damage and electricity are one of the worst pairs. If water and electricity come into contact with each other, it can cause short circuits and go as far as even starting electrical fires. Because your homes have both electricity and water sources, it is important to be aware of the two – and where they might cross paths within your home during water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Near Me – Arlington Heights

If you find yourself in a situation where your home has flooded, you should take into consideration what potential electric systems or appliances may have been affected. Because the integrity of the wiring may be questionable, talk to a professional water damage restoration technician or an electrician to see if you should shut off the power source to your home. This will reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt while working to restore your home. 

Precautions To Take

Always call a water damage restoration expert near you to help you when working with electricity and water. Because water is a conductor for electricity, it can do some serious damage. The most important precaution you can take is shut off your power sources to the affected areas within your home and unplug appliances that might have been plugged into outlets that were submerged in water. There are a lot of professionals that can help you make sure that you are acting accordingly when it comes to electrical damage mixed with water damage. Find a team near you that is qualified to help you assess the situation and condition of your home to ensure everyone’s safety.


The first thing you need to repair is the water damage. Both the water damage and potential electrical damage need to be inspected before water damage restoration can begin. The water damage will need to be addressed first, so the water can be dried out before anyone begins to repair the electrical damage that may have been caused. This also can help determine what components of the electrical systems need to be replaced.

The Importance of a Quick Fix

If your home has water damage and you think electrical systems may be damaged, it is important to call a professional immediately! Water damage by itself needs to be addressed quickly in order to help keep the structure of your home in good repair, but if you have electrical problems on top of the water damage it puts you at a higher risk of being hurt by the dreaded pair. From potentially harming yourself to potentially starting fires, further disasters can be prevented if you act quickly and accordingly when the damage occurs.

If Your Home Needs Help

Water damage accidents can occur wherever you live, so it is important to know what to do in an emergency. If you live near Arlington Heights and need a water damage restoration team, turn to our team at Duraclean! With our years of experience, we know how to help take the pressure off and restore your home. Call today for more information!